VTF PROJECT is an energetic power trio who embraces a progressive, jazz, fusion, hard rock blend and delivers a powerful mix of musical prowess and entertaining soundscapes. 

With +100 years of combined musical experience, VTF PROJECT members' diverse background only piles up to the possibilities of a surprising act. Recipients of South Florida's 2020 Oski Awards Best Bassist, Best Guitarrist and Best Drummer of 2019, Fabio Z on bass, Victor Rivera on guitar and Tommy McNamara on drums have demonstrated their ability to shake up and stir the auditorial senses of all audiences they have interacted with. 

Hailing from South Florida, VTF PROJECT has been performing at festivals, clubs, lounges and radio shows around the South Florida tri-county area (Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade), North Florida and New Orleans, always receiving high praise from both fellow musicians and general public.

VTF project

VTF PROJECT are Tommy, Victor, Fabio